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Gepe Cardsafe Extreme - Memory Card Case

Gepe Cardsafe Extreme - Memory Card Case
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GEPE CardSafe™ Extreme Description: Model features two universal liners as described below to hold 4 memory cards as pictured to the left. Also features strong, steel pin reinforced hinges, crushproof outer shell, and waterproof design. Color is Neon Yellow.

All CardSafe™ models are equipped with the innovative MultiCard insert.

Each card compartment can be used for different card types without having to change or modify the insert. You can tightly and perfectly store the follwing:

MMC™/SD™ Cards, Smart Media™, Memory Stick™ or Compact Flash™

The design and special materials used protect the cards from shocks and keep them securely in place.

The special mixture of the insert material protects your valuable memory cards from being erased or damaged due to electrostatic effects.

The ergonomic lock device provides for easy handling and safe closure everytime.

Dimensions: 49x32x10mm (1.9x1.3x0.4")