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P2 & PCMCIA Type III Card Box - Smoke and Black

P2  & PCMCIA Type III Card Box - Smoke and Black
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Type III PCMCIA Card Case.'s most popular PC Card Cases holds the following PCMCIA Adapter or Cards:

1 each - P2 card 1 each � Type III PCMCIA
2 each � Type II PCMCIA Cards or Adapters stacked
3 each - Type 1 PCMCIA Card or Adapters stacked

Outer Dimensions: 4.50” x 3” x .88”
Inner Dimensions: 3.45" x 2.19"

This great protective case is molded in dark colors to reduce light reflection and better suit Military, Police, Commercial and Outdoor markets. The soft gel liner keeps your card secure and safe! Travels anywhere as it is only a shirt pocket size.

Also available in Smoke (case) and Khaki(liner).

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Size (approx):4.50” x 3” x .88”